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Payroll Deadlines / Pay Period Calendars

Semi-Monthly Schedule 2012
Monthly Schedule 2012
Combined Semi-Monthly & Monthly Schedule 2012
Semi-Monthly Timesheet Entry Calendar 2012


Implementation Calendar

Key Dates



Communication Launch

February 10

Town Hall/Department Information Sessions

March 1- April 30

Pay Advance Options Begin

April 1

Pay Advance Options Close

June 1

Last Monthly Pay for Non-Academic Staff, Graduate Students, Postdoctoral Fellows

June 30

Semi-Monthly Pay Cycles Begin

July 1

Last Biweekly Pay Date

July 10

1st Semi-Monthly Pay Period

July 1-15

Pay Advance Pay Date

July 25

1st Semi-Monthly Pay Date

July 25

2nd Semi-Monthly Pay Period

July 16-31

2nd Semi-Monthly Pay Date

August 10

Advance Repayment Period Begins

August 24

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The Cash Advance Option Form is no longer available as of June 1, 2012. 


Net Pay & Advance Calculator (NASA Staff)

Net Pay & Advance Calculator (Graduate Students)
-Example (for the fall term)

Net Pay & Advance Calculator (Postdoctoral Fellows)

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