Semi-Monthly Pay Cycle

What Is Semi-Monthly Pay?

 Semi-Monthly Pay Change

On July 1, 2012, the University implemented a new semi-monthly pay cycle and moved all monthly and biweekly paid NASA staff, graduate students, excluded students and postdoctoral fellows to the new cycle. Each month is now divided into two pay periods with pay dates occurring on the 10th and 25th of each month. In the event those pay dates land on non-banking days, the pay date is the preceding banking day.

To find out more about how this will affect you and your group, please refer to the Impact section of this website. 


Graduate students with ongoing monthly scholarship payments will now be paid on a semi-monthly pay cycle in a different manner than the previous payments. Payroll will continue to pay graduate students the same amount of scholarship payment in the month, however the payments will be paid over one or two pay periods depending on how many pay cheques the student will receive in that month. 

For example, a graduate student starts on September 1, 2012 and is given a $2000 per month scholarship to end on August 31, 2013 for a total of $24,000 ($2000 x 12 months).  In September 2012, the student will receive their first pay cheque/deposit on September 25 covering the period of September 1-15, 2012. Because there is only one payment in the month of September, the entire $2,000 monthly scholarship payment is paid on September 25. Beginning the next pay period, the student will receive $1,000 per pay period (2 pay periods per month = $1,000 x 2 or $2000/month) until the last pay cheque in August 2013 at which time the entire $24,000 will be paid.

Graduate students with academic-related employment (ex. Graduate Assistantship appointment) will be paid their stipend (salary + award) payments for all time worked in the pay period a maximum of 10 days after the pay period is over. For the first pay period of the month (ex September 1-15), the payment is made on September 25. For the second pay period (ex. September 16-30), the payment is made on October 10. Monthly scholarship payments in addition to stipend will be paid as described above.

For detailed information on how the semi-monthly pay impacts Graduate Students, please see the How Will This Impact Me - Graduate Students section.

Update: Communication to Graduate Students - September 10, 2012

Information regarding scholarship payments for graduate students was sent for email distribution to all graduate students, graduate program administrators and HR/Payroll Contacts on September 10. Those emails are attached here for your reference.

Email to Graduate Students - September 10, 2012

Email to HR/Payroll Contacts - September 10, 2012

Semi-Monthly Casual Timesheet

The new semi-monthly timesheet for reporting hours for hourly paid employees is now available on the HRS Forms Cabinet at 

Payroll Deadlines / Pay Period Calendars

For the most up-to-date payroll calendars and payroll deadlines, please visit the Hiring and Managing Section of the HRS Website at

Semi-Monthly Schedule 2012
Monthly Schedule 2012
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