Advisory Committee

The PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 Advisory Committee was formed as part of the overarching change strategy to make sure the project team understands Department and Faculty readiness for the proposed changes and ensure plans are put in place to mitigate identified issues.

Members of this committee are a valuable resource to the Project and meet monthly to discuss, review, and advise on matters related to the upgrade. They are the primary points of contact between the Project and interested stakeholders within their respective Departments / Faculties.

Members have:

  • A good understanding of related business and system processes
  • Experience using PeopleSoft HCM within the University environment
  • Authority to speak on behalf of their respective Department / Faculty

Their role is to:

  • Share information about the business processes an system changes being implemented within the project
  • Coordinate requests for information
  • Solicit feedback on new or changing business process or system design
  • Solicit general feedback about the project

Wayne Patterson, Executive Director & Acting Vice President [Human Resources] and primary business sponsor for the Project is the Committee Chair. Terry Harris, Change Management Lead, is the Committee facilitator and liaison from the Project Team.

Committee Terms of Reference