About Service Excellence and Efficiency

In 2011, Human Resource Services started the Service Excellence and Efficiency (SE2) Project, a multi-phased initiative design to improve the services that HRS offers to the staff and students of the University and to implement efficiencies in administrative processes. In general, the SE2 project is designed to:

  • Achieve efficiencies in HR processes, both within central HR and for all of our customers throughout the University.
  • Enhance the use of PeopleSoft HCM, capitalizing on the investments made and providing more service to our customers.
  • Improve operational and strategic reporting and provide institutional leaders with information and tools to help them become more strategic and improve efficiency.
  • Explore reduction of PeopleSoft customizations and re-engineering of business processes where applicable.
  • Achieve efficiencies within Human Resource Services to reduce the manual activities and make better use of the PeopleSoft applications.
This site will be updated as projects that support Service Excellence and Efficiency are initiated. 
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